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About me

Last update: July 2012

My name is Andrea Zilio, I studied Computer Science at University Of Padua in Italy and I now live in New York City where I work as a Software Engineer at Google.


I spent the last year of my Master's (2010/2011) as an Exchange Student at University Of California, Irvine where I was working with Professor Chen Li's group on the following two projects:

Query spell checker
We developed a spell checker for search engines queries that won the third prize in the Microsoft Speller Challenge Competition
iPubMed - http://ipubmed.ics.uci.edu
An instant and fuzzy search engine on MEDLINE, a popular medical pubblications database

Both projects allowed me to get my hands on the research topics I'm most interested in, which are Software Design, Information Systems and Web Technologies.

Work experience

I'm currently working at Google in New York City as a Software Engineer.

My previous work experience focused on Web Applications development, especially in the area of e-commerce websites.
I worked as a Software Engineer for an online bookstore and as a Software Architect designing the new version of the second italian "famous quotes" social web site.
I have also been a Technical Writer about web design and web development on the HTML.it blog, the most popular italian web magazine on the topic.

Apart from experience in web technologies (XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, etc) I have also developed a deep knowledge of mainstream programming languages such as C++ and Java by having often adopted them in current and past projects.

My Resume

A complete review of my education, awards, projects and work experiences can be found in my resume.

My email is andrea.zilio@gmail.com but you can find more ways to get in touch with me in the contacts page.